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Kalika B., Boulder *****

Maternity portraiture, gender reveal, January 15, 2023

Beautiful experience with Jeff. We got beautiful pictures. We loved working with him. Thank you Jeff.

Brittany C, Arvada *****

Family portraiture, November 17, 2021

Jeff did a nice job with our family photos.

Kody B., Lafayette *****
Portrait photography, October 25, 2021

His depth of experience is captured in every shot he takes. In addition to capturing beautiful portraits he is very professional. I will be booking with Jeff again in the future.

Mary D., Boulder *****

Child and family photography, October 5, 2021


Great experience! Captured wonderful photos of our family, especially our 11 month old baby, which is not easy! Thanks Jeff!

Bambi B., Dallas *****

Wedding photography in Boulder, September 22, 2021

Great turnaround on edits of quality photos for my son's wedding. Highly recommend.

David D., Longmont *****

Portrait photography, July 30, 2021

Wonderful experience working with Jeff. We began with a very informative call, in which Jeff was very thorough in explaining what to expect and how to prepare for our photoshoot.


This thoroughness and attention to detail carried through to our session, though not at the expense of time or efficiency. In a one-hour session, we managed to take excellent photos at many (many, many!) locations.


All-in-all we took about 3x more photos than I expected (given the session length); more importantly, the photos were excellently framed and captured. Icing on the cake: final uploads done in less than 24 hours.


Great experience from start to finish; thanks, Jeff!

Kimberly G., Boulder *****

Wedding and event photography (bat mitzvah), June 19, 2021


Jeff was delightful to work with and provided beautiful photos for a very fair price.

Mitchell B., Longmont *****

Wedding portraiture, May 14, 2021

By far one of the best photographers I have ever hired. Every picture was absolutely gorgeous.


Xiaoning W., Boulder *****

Portrait photography, May 3, 2021


I am so happy with my shots with the beautiful Flatirons in the background that Jeff worked creatively and attentively to capture. Would highly recommend!

Bridgett W., Boulder *****

Wedding and event photography, May 2, 2021


Jeff was an absolute pleasure to work with! Very clear about plans, quick responses, and knowledgeable about the process. He went above and beyond to make sure he captured the best photos. He was very fun and had a great approach to the process. I recommend him to anyone in need of the best pictures. After the photo shoot, the pictures were uploaded very quickly. Best quality, best process, best option!

Lauren G., Boulder *****

Portrait photography, April 28, 2021


Great communication from Jeff, loved the graduation pictures that he took for me on campus! Scheduling more with friends at Chautauqua!

Linda L., Denver *****

Portrait photography, April 25, 2021


Jeff was amazing! Very professional!

Mechelle B., Broomfield *****

Portrait photography, Dec. 26, 2020


Jeff did a great job! He was attentive to what we wanted and took a large variety of shots. I highly recommend Jeff for your photography needs.

Angela K., Broomfield *****

Portrait photography, Nov. 22, 2020

Jeff was great and took great photos. We were extremely happy with my son's senior portraits!

Kristen K., Manassas, Virginia *****

Portrait photography, Nov. 2, 2020


Jeff was so patient, wonderful and filled with ideas as we planned for a trip to Boulder and senior photos at the last minute. They turned out beautifully!

Laurie T., Denver *****

Wedding photography, Oct. 30, 2020

From the beginning when Jeff spoke with us, to the final photo postings, we were very happy with Jeff. His pricing was perfect for myself who wanted to give my daughter the photos for a lifetime but didn't have a big budget for that. He well exceed[ed] my expectations and helped make the wedding memorable by capturing perfect photos.

Sally T., Denver *****

Wedding photography, Oct. 21, 2020

We would like to say a massive thank you for the brilliant job you did on our wedding day! The photos are amazing. Thank you!! Jeff was really great!!! He was very professional and his direction in relation to lighting and the surroundings was the best we could have ever imagined. Thanks again Jeff!

Steve P., Chicago *****
Wedding and event photography, Oct. 17, 2020

Amazing experience. Flew to Denver to propose and Jeff helped every step of the way. Scouted the location ahead of time to find the best location, was discrete during the process, and then took staged shots after.

Mary R., Longmont *****

Wedding photography, Oct. 9, 2020


We have just hired him for my niece's upcoming wedding in December. Very personable and explained everything in detail to us. We are really looking forward to working with him in December.


^Andra S., Boulder^

Artwork photography, Sept. 19, 2020

Great photographer! Took photos of my artwork that I'll use to enter contests. Arrived promptly and took time to make sure the lighting was just right using his portable equipment. Recommend!!!

Shiran K., Denver *****

Wedding and event photography, Sept. 14, 2020

We love our wedding pictures! We had a small and intimate wedding ceremony and Jeff was the perfect man for the job. He was so easy to work with, he created such a comfortable environment for us and was very professional at the same time. I highly recommend him!

Shelly S., Denver *****

Wedding and event photography, Sept 1, 2020

Jeff was incredible to work with! He not only produced quality pictures but he was super thorough and thoughtful throughout our wedding. He offered to do a walk through at our venue and we staged some photos to make the day of go more smoothly. We had a super small (6 person) wedding and were nervous about having a photographer around, but he made it feel comfortable and casual which is exactly what we wanted. I could tell Jeff has a passion for photography and showed in the quality of his work. I could not recommend Jeff more, great value and we got amazing photos!!

Stacy S., Denver *****

Wedding and Event Photography, Aug, 16, 2020

I hired Jeff for my son’s wedding on 8/1/20 and he did a fabulous job. The photos are vibrant, natural, and captured the day fabulously. He was everywhere, got photos of everyone, and I hardly saw him! He was super flexible when we had to move the location of the ceremony two days before the wedding because of COVID building closures. He met us early and took the formal photos at the picturesque original location, then went to the new site for the ceremony. He captured all of the best moments - like when the groom chased the bride for a little cake in the face, and got great angles, like taking shots of the reception from above on a nearby staircase. He captured the location brilliantly as well taking photos of the meals, decorations, and the venue. I would highly recommend Jeff for any special event you want beautifully photographed.

Patrick S., Fairfax, Virginia *****

Portrait Photography, July 31, 2020

Jeff was on-time and he directed our family well. He chose a great location for the photo shoot and it came out really well!

Ginger B., Denver *****

Wedding and Event Photography, July 27, 2020

Jeff really did a tremendous job as the photographer at our wedding! We asked him to set up a video camera to capture the ceremony, while he took photos, and it really worked out great! He is creative and skilled on what to capture and has great equipment to achieve the quality we desired!

Senska J., Boulder *****

Engagement Photography, June 14, 2020

Jeff is passionate about photography, you could tell. He would not stop taking pictures and his excitement says everything. He . . . cares about his client and went above and beyond to give us awesome work.

Chris S., Boulder *****

Couples Photography, March 15, 2020

Jeff was great, he picked a fantastic spot for the shoot and was instructive while being receptive to our ideas about poses/shots. Great price too, highly recommend.


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